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If you want to start earning without investing, then register as affiliate with us and start promoting your link.

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You can earn more with our unique referral program. More you sharing your link, more you get referral, more you earn.

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You can withdraw your earning in to your Bitcoin wallet or double your earning with re-investing it in to our system.

Promotional Program

Our investor program is an extraordinary way for you to gain by inviting customers. You can utilise your site, blog, email or even you get marks to spread your interesting referral connection or flags and uplift us to your companions, family and collaborators and draw in investors.

You will get 5 GH/s free power from each your first 10-referral user signup who have unique and different email ids.

Our Affiliate Benefits – Earn More with Our Referral System

Now, using our unique referral system you can invite unlimited users to join cloud mining under you. You can invite your family and friend with sharing your referral link to social media, networking sites, article, blog sites or any forum platform.

You will get following percentage referral balance up to 3 levels on invested amount of registered user under your referral link. We will be eligible to get referral bonus only if your referral member purchase mining power. Following are our 3 tier referral programs benefits:

Level 1


You will get 5% bonus on each successful power purchase which is done by your direct referral or 1st level referral user.

Level 2


You will get 2.5% bonus on each successful power purchase which is done by your second tier referral or 2nd level referral user.

Level 3


You will get 1.5% bonus on each successful power purchase which is done by your third tier referral or 3rd level referral user.

Your bonus will be added in to your account on successful power purchase on your referral.

Matching Income

You’ll be eligible to get 10% of their investment, if and only if your downline (left & right) invests matching amount.
Increase your earning & get monthly bonus as you and your downline gets matching investment.

You must have top-up your account for getting direct matching income. You will be eligible for the matching income if and only if you own, your direct left user and direct right user activate account with top-up.

You will get 10% bonus of your downline’s matching investment.

Ranking Income

Ranking Status Criteria Levels Monthly Bonus
Sliver 5 Direct Active 1 to 5 Level 5% of Matching Bonus
Diamond 4 Direct Sliver 6 to 15 Level 2% of Matching Bonus
Platinum 3 Direct Diamond 16 to 50 Level 1% of Matching Bonus
Crown 2 Direct Platinum 51 to 90 Level 0.5% of Matching Bonus

Reward Income

You will claim all of your reward only once. Once you claim any reward with your account, you cannot claim that reward again with us. Once you claim your reward, your matching target will reset and start count with 0 again. If you reach your matching target and you do not want to claim your first reward, then your next reward will be unlocked. Same things will apply for all the rewards. Please contact us if you have any query.

SR Matching Target Achieve Price
1 $7500:$7500 Bangkok Tour 6 Dyas 5 Night $350
2 $25000:$25000 Dream Bike $1250
3 $112500:$112500 Dream Car $7250
4 $750000:$750000 Dream Home $52500

More you share your link more you earn.

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